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week commencing 30/03/2020


Here are some activities for the second week of home schooling. We are aware that this is a new experience for everyone, and that completing activities with children in different year groups isn't always easy. We are trying to include some resources which are more open ended so that children can work independently as well as providing more detailed daily lessons.  We understand that people work at different rates and some will want to spend more time on certain tasks, so please don't worry if your child doesn't complete every activity.


Reading – we have attached a three-section reading comprehension. Please complete one section each day on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Spend some time marking and correcting your answers later on in the week. There are some reading activities in the Hamilton Trust link below too.

We would also like you to complete and sign five entries in your reading diary.

For writing, visit

On Monday, use the ‘question time’ and 'story starter' to help you think of some ideas and plan your story. On Tuesday and Wednesday, write your story about the picture. On Thursday, edit and improve your writing and on Friday, write out a neat copy.

If you finish this and have some extra time, here is some optional extension work for English:

Download the Year 5 English pack for week 1. Complete the lessons for day 4 and day 5 on ‘Skimbleshanks'. This is optional - please don't worry if you don't have time to do this.

Spelling – we have attached your spellings for next week – mild, medium and spicy. Remember to complete the sheet and write out your words in your neatest handwriting. 

If you like David Walliams...

Elevenses with the world of David Walliams. Every day, David Walliams will be releasing a free audiobook via his website.

Maths – continue to use a copy of the times table challenge sheet to practise your recall of multiplication facts. We have also attached some fractions cards (mild, medium and spicy) for you to do if you have any extra time.

For your daily maths lesson, visit and download the maths Year 5 week 1 pack. This will give you a chance to revise the work we did earlier on this year.

Please read the learning reminder for each of the five lessons before you attempt the practice sheet. If you are stuck, have a go at the ‘A Bit Stuck?’ sheet. Finally, do the ‘Check your understanding’ section.

PE – the body coach will continue to deliver live lessons at 9 am.

Topic -

The WWF has a number of interesting activities at