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reading at home

Reading With Your Child

Some questions you could ask your child while reading together:

1. Look at the front cover. What could the book be about?

2. Who is the author? Have you read any books by the same author?

3. What does that word mean? Read the words around it to work out what it could mean (context). Is it similar to another word that you already know?

4. How can you read an unfamiliar word? Can you sound talk and then blend?

5. Who are the main characters? Does the story have a hero/a villain? How do you know?

6. Who is your favourite character? Why? What words would you use to describe them?

7. How do you think that character feels? Why - what clues are there? How would you feel in that situation?

8. Can you predict what will happen next? Can you predict how the story will end?

9. Is there a message or theme to the story?

10. Can you retell the chapter/story in your own words?

11. Do you like how the story ended? Can you think of another way the book could have ended?

12 How would you recommend this book to another reader?

Pencil and paper follow - up suggestions

1. Draw a picture of the hero/villain or your favourite character and annotate it with words to describe them?

2. Draw a picture of one of the settings in your story. (You could create a 3D setting using Lego.)

3. Create a map which shows the different locations of your story.

4. Design an alternative book cover for your story. Include a front and back cover with a blurb. Think about what other information needs to be on the cover.

5. If your book is not illustrated create some illustrations to go with key moments in the story.

6. Write a review of your book to encourage others to read it. Explain why you enjoyed the book but remember not to give away any spoilers!

7. Does your favourite character face a tricky situation or problem? Write them a letter giving them some advice that could help them.

8. Create a Wanted poster for the villain in your story.

9. Design a plan of your favourite character’s bedroom. (What do you imagine it would look like?)