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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

EDUCATION CITY: Education City is now up and running. Miss Hignett has uploaded a number of homework tasks that need to be completed throughout the term. 

This half term our topic is called The Stories People Tell. We will be exploring various authors and learning how to share and discuss books.  We will be finding the joy in reading! 

Over the next few days, your child will be receiving the following items:

  • Reading record and book banded book - these are required in school everyday as we may need to read with your child.  At a point in the week, your child's book will be changed for a new one. 
  • Blue folder - these contain your child's spelling homework. We may occasionally add some sentence level work to this. 
  • Purple folder - these contain phonics worksheets that have been completed during the school day. We request that every evening they be looked through (practise reading the new phonetic code and the vocabulary to support this - this should take no more than 5 minutes each night). We would like the folders to return to school each day. 
  • Library book - your child will have the opportunity to choose a book of their choice from the library once a week. Please share this book at home and return it on your child's designated library day. 



Reading records - Each week, we expect your child to read at least 5 times and this needs to be noted in the reading record, you will also find a weekly sticker that informs you of the guided reading session your child has had with their teacher.  The reading record and book need to come into school every day as they may be asked to read at any point. 

Birthdays - This year we will be strictly observing the Federation policy of birthday book donations. When it is your child's birthday, we politely request that you purchase a book that your child's loves to donate to the school. The book will be read aloud in class and will subsequently be labelled with a special birthday sticker and placed in our lovely library.  Alternatively, your child can bring in their favourite book for a read aloud and then take it home at the end of the day.  Any students who bring in sweets for birthdays, will kindly be asked to take the sweets back home as we need to be mindful of healthy eating and dietary restrictions for various students.