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What We Offer

Being a Federation is about coming together and building a sense of belonging, so we promote collaboration between our schools and a sense of pride in our growing community.

Our curriculum has been carefully mapped so that children develop and progress their skills, knowledge and confidence throughout their time with us.  We incorporate hands-on and practical experiences, building on the children's needs and interests. 

We aim to make the children's time at school memorable through enriching experiences.

Information about our curriculum is split into two sections: Early Years Foundation Stage and Years 1 to 6 by year group and subject.

Our plans for the year ahead


Wraparound Care

Our Breakfast and After School clubs provide high quality wraparound care in a familiar environment.   

Our manager at Fawcett is Caroline Cubitt.

Our manager at Trumpington Meadows is Denise Larkey.

The clubs adhere to and follow the policies at the Federation.  

Please note that unfortunately we cannot offer places to nursery age children.

Please click below for further information.

Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Clubs are open from 7:50am until the start of school.  Breakfast is available until 8:30am.  

There is a range of food choices for breakfast and children have the opportunity to play and engage in games and activities. 

After School Club

The After School Clubs run from the end of the school day and are open until 5.45pm. 

The children are collected from their classrooms by a member of staff and are escorted to the After School Club.  

Snacks are provided near to the start of the session.  

There are plenty of games and activities, both inside and outside, to keep the children happy and occupied.

Children can be collected at any time during their time at After School Club.

Charges and Payment

The cost is £15 for the 3 hour After School Club session. 

There is a 10% discount for siblings. 

Late collections are charged at £1 per minute.

Breakfast club costs £5.  No sibling discount is offered.

Invoices are distributed at the end of each calendar month.

Payments can be made by cheque, BACS transfer or childcare voucher.  The childcare numbers are:

  • Busy Bees – ‘use online system’
  • Care 4 – 75796372
  • Computershare – 0008132091
  • Edenred – P20279151
  • Kiddivouchers 
  • Sodexo 

Contacting Wraparound Care

For Fawcett:

Tel: 07871 185373.

Email:  or

For Trumpington Meadows:

Tel: 07599 972707


The phone lines will be open from 7.45am – 9am and again from 2.45pm – 6pm.

Registering Your Child

Parents and carers should register for Breakfast and After School Clubs using the form attached below.


On-site nurseries

In Nursery we learn through lots of play and playful activities (for example, going on a listening walk, looking for shapes in the outdoor environment and making constructions).

We have guided learning sessions with the adults throughout the day in small groups. We gather together to sing songs, play games and listen to stories.

Each half term our learning begins with a topic as a starting point to engage and inspire the children. Within this is the opportunity for the children’s own interests to develop and direct the course that the topic will take.

Settling In
Nursery begins with a settling in period to ensure each child feels safe and secure in their new surroundings, therefore we have a staggered entry over the first few weeks of term enabling adults and children time and space to get to know each other.

Each child is unique and takes on new challenges in a different way. If you feel your child is not yet ready for a full day or even a full session there is room for flexibility in the first few weeks so please speak to any member of staff to discuss how best to settle your child.

Our Areas of Learning
In Nursery we follow the EYFS curriculum which is based around the following seven areas of learning:

Prime Areas:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Physical Development
  • Communication and Language

Specific Areas:

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design

We also plan activities and resource our environment to encourage children to develop their own ‘Characteristics of Effective Learning’. Beginning to develop these skills, such as perseverance, taking a risk, thinking critically and making links, will equip them as learners throughout school and beyond.

For more information, please visit our nursery admissions pages



We were delighted to be able to work with Elite Swimming Academy to refurbish the pool at Fawcett School.  The pool now benefits from being fully heated and enclosed which means that lessons can take place whatever the weather! 

We are therefore pleased to be able to offer swimming lessons for ALL Federation pupils in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6, during school time, free of charge.


Forest School

What is Forest School?

‘Forest School is an inspirational process that offers ALL learners regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a woodland or natural environment with trees’. 

(Forest School Association)

The Forest School Principles and how they link to our setting

  • Forest School is a long term process of frequent and regular sessions. 
    • The Reception and Year 1 children across the Federation will have weekly Forest School sessions lasting 1 hour 45 minutes
  • It takes place in a woodland or natural wooded environment:
    • Fawcett Primary School - Fawcett Primary has a little oasis of woodland within the school’s environment, which was planted by the then Year 6 children in 1992
    • Trumpington Meadows Primary School - has beautiful grounds on and around the school site, including two ponds, meadows, an allotment and the beautiful woodland alongside Bryon’s pool

  • It will be managed by a qualified Forest School Practitioner
  • We aim to promote the holistic development in all of those involved, fostering resilient, confident, independent and creative learners
  • We will offer learners the opportunity to take supported risks appropriate to the environment and themselves
  • We will use a range of learner centred processes to create a community for development and learning

Forest School Ethos

The ethos of Forest school is based on a fundamental respect for children and young people and their capacity to investigate, test and maintain curiosity in the world around them.

It believes in children’s right to play; the right to access the outdoors (and in particular a woodland environment) the right to access risk and the vibrant reality of the natural world; the right to experience a healthy range of emotions, through all the challenges of social interaction, to build resilience that will enable continued and creative engagement with their peers and their potential. 

Forest school is based more on the process of learning than it is on the content– more on the how than the what. This means that genuine forest school practice steps boldly out of the shadow and limitation of planned activities and ventures collaboratively into the realms of the unplanned, unexpected and ultimately unlimited. 

Children and young people are given encouragement to direct their own learning - this often requires on the part of the forest school leader either through stimulating play in the outdoors or through scaffolding, but mostly through simply observing how children are in the outdoors. 

Significantly, and on many levels, a woodland environment is central in supporting this very dynamic approach to learning; the passage of time from the changing of the seasons, to the contemplation of an ancient tree; the dynamic nature of an outdoor environment - an infinite source of smells, textures, sounds and tastes; a range of visual stimuli from near to far, high to low, very big to very small; and the infinite layers of historical, cultural, spiritual and mythological significance that speak of our deep relationship with trees and woodland through the ages. 

 (Above extracted from FSTC)




Specialist Music Teaching for All Pupils

At the Federation, NORCA & Sistema in Norwich provide Music lessons and opportunities for all children to create, play,  perform and enjoy music, to develop skills and appreciate a wide variety of musical forms.  We embrace the National Curriculum (Ofsted, 2014) purpose of study which states:  

“Music is a universal language that embodies one of the highest forms of creativity. A high  quality music education should engage and inspire pupils to develop a love of music and  their talent as musicians, and so increase their self-confidence, creativity and sense of  achievement. As pupil’s progress, they should develop a critical engagement with music,  allowing them to compose, improvise and to listen with discrimination to the best in the  musical canon.”   National Curriculum 2014. 

The objectives of teaching music at NORCA & Sistema in Norwich are to:  

  • Encourage our children’s understanding and enjoyment of music through an active  involvement in listening, composing, improvising and performing;  
  • Provide the opportunity for children to develop their individual skills, sharing experience  and cooperating with others;  
  • Help children to develop an awareness of musical traditions from a variety of cultures.  


PE delivered by Specialist Teachers

At the Trumpington Federation, we passionately believe in the power of physical education and sport. Our lessons are inspirational, inclusive and physically demanding; allowing all children the opportunity to improve their skills, tactical understanding and fitness.  Our curriculum is broad and balanced, covering both individual and team activities, ensuring children are engaged and excel. Children will cover a wide range of activities in lessons including; Multi Skills, Netball, Tag Rugby, Tennis, Gymnastics, Dance, Orienteering, Athletics, Football, Swimming, Ball Handling and Health Related Fitness.

We use our Sport Premium funding to employ a Federation Specialist PE Teacher, who teaches across both schools. This ensures that our children receive the very highest standards of PE teaching in addition to providing continued in-house professional development for all staff. Children have two hours of PE a week, which is either taught by our PE Specialist, HLTA or Class teacher. At least one hour of PE is taught by our PE Specialist.


Family Support

We want our children to feel safe and happy and recognise that this is central to them being able to learn and meet their full potential.

There is a dedicated, non-teaching Inclusion team at each of our schools who work in partnership with families and can provide advice and support as well as signposting to and liaising with external services.

We understand that parenting is a hard job and, at times the pressures of daily life can present barriers to meeting a child’s needs.  

Feel free to contact the Inclusion Team by contacting the school office.