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Weekly Updates


The children are already very excited about our new topic - 'Minibeasts'!

We've already welcomed some spiders, snails and worms into our classroom and have been on our own minibeast hunt. We've been finding out what we all know about minibeasts and have talked about what we'd like to know more about. The children are particularly interested in snails and spiders. Why not visit the Trumpington Meadows country park and take the  minibeast hunt sheet below!

We have been continuing to care for our raised planting beds at the school entrance. The weeds are growing as fast as our vegetables so there is always lots to do!

Richard, our lovely caretaker,  has spent a long time building us a new mud kitchen. We are very grateful for the time and effort he has put into this project so the children can benefit from a larger area and more storage.  Photos to follow!

Phonics - We are now revisiting each digraph that we were introduced to last term, starting with 'ai' (tail, sail, train, snail) and 'oa' (goat, coat, boat). Please look for these sounds in their reading books and other texts.  You could also write a word list together. We are also practising writing simple sentences together.

Library books and reading books need to be brought in every Tuesday. We have a long list of overdue books.

Upcoming dates:

1st July - Year 6 are off to visit their new secondary schools so all children will move up to their new classes for the day.  

6th July 12 - 4 p.m. - Summer Fete. Follow the PTA on Facebook (Trumpington Feders) for details of the fair and future events.

10th July 9.15 a.m. - Reception and Nursery Sporty Fun.  Families are invited to a mini sports day. It will take approximately 1 hour.

22nd July - Bug Ball - further details to follow. You will be invited to a short celebration of our topic.

 24th July - Last day of term

19.12.2018                                                         Winter Maths Cafe

Thanks to all those that were able to attend the Winter Maths Cafe in November. We have uploaded the photos into the file 'Winter Maths Cafe' on the tab to the right. Please take a look with your child. We all had a lovely morning! We have attached the 'Maths at Home' sheet at the bottom of this page for those parents that were unable to make the session.