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Week commencing 9th Dec 2019

It was another busy week in Year 6! This week, we used the 2018 SATs papers and completed the Maths, Grammar, Spelling and Reading papers.

In Writing, we watched the old Waitrose advertisement, ‘Coming Home.’ This advertisement is about a robin who is trying to make their way home. Along the way, the robin faces many challenges: a family of raccoons, a hungry hawk and a terrifying storm. Initially, we used the different settings to write ‘Spine Poems’ in our table groups. Spine poems are where you choose four nouns related to a topic and then turn each noun into the line of a poem. Later in the weeks, we then retold the story of the robin in our own words.

Here are some of our fabulous Spine Poems:

In Maths, we continued with our fractions, decimals and percentages units. We practiced converting between all three.

In Science, we learnt a little bit about the role that submarines had in WWII and then made our own submarine out of plasticine and straws. We found it challenging to get the pressure right and have our submarine sink in water when a bottle was squeezed, and then float again when the bottle was released. It was very exciting when it finally worked. Here is some of our experimenting!

We also had lots of other wonderful things happen this week. We watch the pantomine that came to school and the KS1 Christmas Play.  Finally, we had the Christmas lunch on Thursday. As a class, we were responsible for serving the rest of the school their meal before we got to sit down and eat our Christmas dinner together.