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Week commencing 7th Oct 2019

Our trip to Duxford was wonderful and it was brilliant to see objects from WWII that we had read and talked about. Our day began by going into one of the classrooms and being given an assignment - to make a documentary on something in their collection of WWII items. In groups of 3, we were given a cellphone, on which, messages were sent through telling us what to do. You will see photos below of us making our documentaries. 

From the classroom, we had a quick look at the planes in the Air Space. We saw a Lancaster Bomber in there, as well as, many other planes. 

After lunch, we explored the Land Warfare exhibit and the American War Museum, before it was time for us to get back on the bus and head back to school. 

In Maths this week, we have begun solving multiplication problems by using short multiplication (when multiplying by a number by a single digit) and long multiplication (when multiplying a number by a double digit). Here is an example of using long multiplication: 

In English, we have focused on when to use commas in our writing. We have also planned our warning stories and written the first two paragraphs. Here are some examples of our writing:

In History, we have been looking at what happened during World War II from Dunkirk to D-Day. We looked at eight historical sources from D-Day and thought about how these would be useful for historians. We also summed up what happened on D-Day in one sentence.