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Week commencing 6th Jan 2020

This week, we began our topic, 'I'm a pupil get me out of here!' This half-term we are going to have a geography focus about South America. Here are some photos of the display we made together on Monday:

In English, we are writing about a dramatic event. Our model text is about a incident on a plane flying over the Amazon River. How much of it can you remember?

This week in Maths, we have finished our learning about fractions, decimals and percentages. Next week, we are moving on to Geometry. 

In Geopgraphy, we talked about continents and countries. We tried to find as many connections as we could with different countries around the world. We used atlases to find out which continent each country was in. We even had a look at every day items (like shoes, gluesticks and books) and found out where they are from.