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Week commencing 6th Jan 2020


A box arrived in our classroom this week! The box was from Augustus who is feeling sad as he has lost his smile! In the book he left lots of pictures of where he has been on his quest to find his smile and a story map to help us learn his story. As a class we have looked at the different settings thinking about it what it would be like and how it would feel if we were there. We have also started to learn his story together to find out whether he finds his smile! 


We have been continuing our unit on multiplication, practically making groups of an amount and working out how many we have all together. In addition to this we have started learning our five times table and have been doing an amazing job! Ask your child to show you - Miss Williams is so impressed with how quickly we have learnt to count in fives. 


Fish were our focus this week in science. We learnt about lots of different types of fish - for example, Nemo is a clown fish. We also learnt about what they eat, were they live, their different features and how they use them.


This weeks focus was Reducing our use of materials and how this can help sa planet! We looked at lots of simple things such as, turning the tap off whilst cleaning our teeth, turning the light off when we leave a room and turning the TV off if we aren't watching it anymore. We discussed checking no one else was in the room before turning the light off so I hope your children don't leave you in the dark!!