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Week commencing 4th Nov 2019

In English this week, we have continued with our newspaper reports. We are all writing about different things that have happened in Trumpington. We have people writing about mysterious disappearances, an unexplained hole in the field, global warming problems, and a huge selection of other reports. We have written our introductions and the second and third paragraphs, which include quotes from key witnesses and leading experts.


In Maths, we have finished our multiplication and division unit. We learnt about how to solve problems using BODMAS (the order in which to solve equations). BODMAS stands for Brackets, Orders, Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction. Here is some of our work:

We have also learnt about factors and multiples. A particularly challenging part to this was finding common multiples or common factors between two different numbers.

For example, can you find the common multiple of 4 and 7 that is between 40 and 60?

In Science, we are following a line of scientific enquiry to do with paper planes. Different groups are conducting different experiments. Variables for the experiment include: wingspan, types of paper, size of plane, etc. Some groups are timing how long their planes stay in the air, while others are measuring the distance their planes travel. This week, we wrote the question we were investigating, the aim, predictions and equipment we will need. Next week, we are writing the method and conducting the experiment.

In History, we talked about Remembrance Day in preparation for next week. In groups, we found out about:

  • Why we wear poppies
  • What the UK’s Remembrance Day traditions are
  • Remembrance traditions in other countries
  • Why remembrance is important

We will share our findings in class next week!

To finish off the week, we began painting poppies in art. They look beautiful in our sketchbooks!