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Week commencing 4th Nov 2019

Another £2 on the economy board for us this week after winning the KS1 attendance award for the 3rd time! Amazing work Selwyn Class.


This week we have started our unit of writing on recounts. We explored lots of different types of recounts such as, Newspapers, Biographies and Diaries. We discussed what techniques they uses and began to verbally recount our day at school in chronological order using the past tense.


Number bonds to ten have been our focus this week. Here is a picture of a game we played using a tens frames. We worked in partners - one person placed x amount of counters in the tens frame and the other filled in the gaps. We then wrote the number sentences and repeated until we found all our number bonds to 10.


As it was fireworks night this week, we have been learning about the Gunpowder plot and why we celebrate using fireworks. We then used all the beautiful fireworks we had seen to create these amazing pictures.