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Week commencing 4/5/2020

Hello everyone and welcome to week 5 of home learning.

Remember  Friday 8th of May is a bank holiday. We have included learning resources for all five days of the week but you do not have to work on Friday if you don't want to.

As usual, we would like you to fill in and sign your reading record, practise your spellings (attached below) and work on your times table recall every day, Monday – Friday. We have also attached a handwriting booklet below so you can keep practising your handwriting.



This year, we are taking part in the ‘Read it Again’ storybook competition online. Some of the school adults (including me!) have filmed ourselves reading the books and now you need to go and watch the videos and vote on your favourite. The videos and the link to the quiz where you can vote is in a folder on the ‘Home Learning’ tab within ‘The Trumpington Federation’ at the top of the page or click here.

Please make sure you vote by Saturday 9th May. Then we will count the votes and announce the winning book!

The 25th of April was ANZAC Day. This acronym stands for Australia and New Zealand Army Corps. ANZAC Day is a national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand that commemorates all Australians and New Zealanders who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations and the contribution and suffering of all those who have served. It is like Remembrance Day in the UK.


  • Read through the ANZAC Day reading and answer the comprehension questions. You can choose from mild, medium or spicy.
  • Once you have completed the comprehension questions, you can mark your work in a different coloured pencil/pen.


  • Read through the Dawn Service reading and answer the comprehension questions.
  • Once you have completed the comprehension questions, you can mark your work in a different coloured pencil/pen.
  • Challenge: write 2 paragraphs about the similarities and differences between ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day


  • Read through the reading titled Simpson and his Donkey. Then answer the comprehension questions.
  • Once you have completed the comprehension questions, check to see if you have made any mistakes.


  •  Listen to the book ‘The Bantam and the Soldier’, a beautiful story set in World War 1. Remember to ask an adult before going online.
  • Answer as many questions as you can. Don't worry if you don't finish.


  • Listen to the book ‘Torty and the Soldier’, a beautiful story about New Zealand’s (and possibly the world’s) oldest World War One survivor. Remember to ask an adult before going online.
  • Answer as many of the questions 1 -12 as you can.



Practise your times tables on Times Table Rockstars. If you have lost or forgotten your login, you can continue with last week's ultimate times table challenge. (See resources for week commencing 27/04/2020)

This week we are going to start to look at translation. What do you remember about translations from year 4?

Click on the links which will take you through lessons. There is a helpful video for each lesson. Remember to have a piece of paper handy! When you have finished a section, click on next activity at the bottom right of the screen.








This week we are continuing last week’s work on ‘The Game’. Look at the bottom of the page for sheets to help you.


  • Check the passage about ANZAC Day for spelling and grammar errors. Re-write the passage in your neatest handwriting with the correct spelling and grammar.
  • Read through the problem section of The Game and plan a new idea for a problem on Page 18.


  • Write your new version of the problem and introduce the new threat.


  • Try a new setting for the story. Plan and write your new problem and set it somewhere else.


  • Plan a brand new finding tale. It doesn’t need to be set in school or involve a game.


  • Write your new finding tale. Remember to read it through and check it for mistakes or how you can make improvements. Why not publish your story? There are instructions for making a mini-book on page 24.


Miss V’s Challenge

ANZAC Biscuits are associated with Australia and New Zealand. They were invented during World War One with ingredients that were available. The biscuits were often sent to soldiers overseas as they last a long time so didn’t spoil on the journey to the soldiers. Attached below is the ANZAC biscuit recipe (also a dairy and gluten free one, if needed) if you want to have a go at baking them! Miss V loves them!



We are going to start learning about the Victorians. Who were the Victorians? What do you know about them already?

Have a look at the research project page (attached below as Queen Victoria task)  and give it a go. This can take as long as you need to so you can continue on with it next week if you need to! Remember - you do not need to finish it this week!

Attached below are also some resources for you to use but feel free to do your own research (remember to ask your adults before you go online).


  • Joe Wicks
  • Jump Jam
  • Play The Great Cambridge Walk Bingo (attached at the bottom of the page)

Other Subjects

You might be interested in some of the online resources provided by the Fitzwilliam Museum.  The resources are regularly updated.


The BBC are producing a range of home learning resources. Programmes can also be accessed using iplayer or the red button on a TV.


Don't worry if you are not able to finish all the activities - make sure you are doing some reading, English and maths every day. Practise your spellings and handwriting. Have a go at the projects if you can.

We hope you are all OK - we are missing you!