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Week commencing 3rd Feb 2020

In Art, children from Trinity class have finished their Anglo- Saxon shields out of cardboard. 

During Anglo-Saxon times, shields comprised a circular piece of wood constructed from planks which had been glued together; at the centre of the shield, an iron boss was attached. It was common for shields to be covered in leather, so as to hold the planks together, and they were often decorated with fittings of bronze or iron. The colours of the shields were often to show something of the owner or his family. Their meanings as follow:

In Maths, our class had a really lucky and fun week. They have been visited by Mrs. Kirby and Miss O'toole as the three Y4 teachers were carrying out a Lesson study. Children had the opportunity to do more practical maths in groups.

Can you sort these triangles?
Scalene               Isosceles              Equilateral

Trinity class have been innovating their Warning Stories this week in English. They changed the story by drawing pictures to replace the old ones.