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Week commencing 30th Sept 2019

Firstly, congratulations to all of our Head/Deputy Heads, House Point/Deputy House Point Captains, Office Monitors, Librarians and Playground Champions. It is so wonderful to have so many people in our class taking on additional responsibilities this year. The children with these responsibilities were named in assembly on Monday. We have also appointed our two representatives for the school council this week!

In English, we have completed publishing our letters from the perspective of a WWII evacuee. These are now on display outside our classroom. Please feel free to come and have a closer look!

We have now begun writing warning stories. This week we learnt the model text (called The Canal) and thought about questions we had about the text that had not been answered in the story. We are not sure who Mrs Mac is. She is the lady who warns Tom and James NOT to go down to the old canal! Here is the model text:

In Maths, we have used to column method to solve subtraction problems and then used addition and subtraction to solve multi-step problems. We have also solved some problems mentally as there are some situations where the column method is not the best method to use! How would you solve 10,000-2001?

In Science, we have been learning about blood cells. We learnt about the different cells and their functions. Then, we made 'blood' using cheerios and red food colouring as red blood cells, water as plasma, marshmallows as white blood cells and oats as platelets. Here is our representation of blood and some explanations: