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Week commencing 2nd March 2020


This week we have started writing our Information text about the rainforest in our own little booklets. Using the sentences we have learnt from the text map we were able to uplevel our writing by adding brilliant adjectives. So far our information texts are super exciting and informative - such fantastic work has been achieved. 


Fractions have been our focus this week. We have looked at how to half and quarter a shape. We drew round shapes, cut them out accurately and folded them to find perfect halves and quarters. Some shapes we weren't unable to quarter accurately, such as a triangle and a pentagon as the sizes of the quarters were not the same. 

World book day

What a wonderful day we had sharing all our favourite books in such brilliant costumes! We spent the day sharing stories in class along with sharing stories with some year 4s. Throughout the day we were able to read 48 stories in total! We also wrote book reviews of our favourite books and made a bookmark with a drawing of our costume to help us remember what a fun day we had.