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Week commencing 2nd Mar 2020

In Maths, children have been differentiating Improper fractions from Mixed fractions.

Could you tell which of these are Improper fractions and which ones are Mixed fractions?


In English, we have learnt a model text for Newspaper reports by heart and we are now able to recite it to the rest of the class. 

Can you think of some of the features for Newspaper reports?

We have visited the Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology in Cambridge and we have learnt an extra lot about the Angle Saxons, which is the Topic that we are studying this term.

We have found out more about what Anglo Saxon ate, about their homes, their clothing and the type of funeral that they would have depending on their background, we even had the experience of setting up the burial for an Anglo Saxon body.
It has been a great day and children have been 100% hardworking!