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Week commencing 2nd Dec 2019

Maths:  This week, we have learnt about factor pairs and how to multiply 3 numbers. Have a go at the questions below:

Can you find all the factor pairs for 36?
Can you find all the factor pairs for 24?
What is the product of 4 x 5 x 3?
Steve says 4 x 0 x 8 = 32. Do you agree? Why/why not?

English:  We learnt about modal verbs and time adverbials this week. After that, we had an opportunity to get our creative juices flowing when we innovated the model text to come up with our own machine ideas. The children came up with some fantastically creative ideas! Mrs Kirby particularly like the idea of the “Lesson-Planner Machine”….! 

Topic:  We learnt all about the Battle of Marathon this week. Can you remember the main events from this battle?