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Week commencing 28th Oct 2019

Maths: We have moved onto a new unit on Length and Perimeter. We have been converting between different units of measurement (for instance from m to km) and have also learnt that perimeter is the total length around the outside of a 2D shape. Have a look at this problem. Do you agree with Lily?

English:  We are very excited about starting a new unit of work on Portal Stories! We have started to learn our model text 'Elf Road' and had a lot of fun doing some drama activities based around this. The picture below shows a drama game called Conscience Alley! This helped us to "get into the mindset" of Billy (the main character from Elf Road) so we could write diary entries from his perspective.  Can you retell the main events of Elf Road to an adult at home?

Topic:  This week, we learnt about one of the most famous Ancient Greek legacies: the Olympics. The children learnt about the different sports and activities held in the ancient Olympics and we considered similarities and differences between the ancient and modern games. Can you add any more sports to the Venn Diagram below? Which of these sports would you like to try? Why/why not?