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Week commencing 28th Oct 2019

In English, Trinity class have started a new unit in which they will learn the features to compose a Portal Story.

To emphasise with the main character, we played some Drama games such as 'Hot seating' and 'Conscious Alley'.

In Maths, we have started a unit in which we will learn about Length and Perimeter. Children have completed their COLD TASKS already and they look promising...

Can you convert these units from Km to m and vice-versa?

12000 m =    _________ km

24 km = ____________ m

1300 m = __________ km

23.5 km = __________ m

In Topic, children from Trinity class learnt what life was like during ancient Greek times as a man, woman, slave, boy and girl and wrote a diary entry as if they were one of these ancient Greece citizens.