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Week commencing 27th Jan 2020

In Pembroke Class, we have begun writing information texts. We started by writing an information text about Trumpington - the local shops, school, facilities... There were some fantastic facts included in these!

We also began learning the model text about the Chihuahuan Desert:

And, we turned a set of notes into paragraphs. We chose different animals from the Amazon Rainforest for these paragraphs!

In Maths, we have been learning about ratio and proportion. We learnt that a ratio is a quantitative relation between two amounts. We then worked out the ratios for different objects. For example, if there are 3 apples and 2 oranges, the ratio is 3:2. If there are 9 apples, how many oranges are there?

We also solved ration problems using recipes. For example, if you have a recipe for four people and you want to make it for 8 people, what do you do to the value of each ingredients. Scale factors were another thing we learnt about. Have a look at some of the examples below:

In Topic, we looked at deforestation: why it is happening, what is happening to the resources of the Amazon Rainforest, local effects and global effects. In Science, we learnt about how plants have adapted to their environment.

We also have a new display up in the corridor with our posters about countries in South America! The posters are so bright and colourful. 

Finally, it is wonderful to have homework coming in... The chocolate activity is making us all rather hungry and we have seen lots of beautiful maps of South America. Please keep these coming in!!!!