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Week commencing 27th Jan 2020

Maths:  We’ve begun a new unit on Shape this week. We have been learning about angles, as well as the different types of triangle.  We did some practical investigation work this week where we sorted triangles into different groups based on their properties. Have a look the image below. How many triangles can you see? What types of triangle are they and how do you know?

English:  This week, we have been practising using speech punctuation. Although there are a lot of rules to remember, everyone has worked really hard on this. We have also been looking at powerful verbs as a way of putting more drama and suspense into our writing and using fronted adverbials to add detail and interest to our work. Have a look at our class word bank below. Can you come up with some sentences using these fronted adverbials? 

Science: In our work on electricity, we have been looking at electrical circuits. We discussed what makes a complete circuit, as opposed to an incomplete one.  In addition, we have looked at conductors and insulators, testing different materials to see which conducted electricity in a circuit. Look at the objects below. Which are conductors and which are insulators? How do you know?