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Week commencing 27th Jan 2020

In English, Trinity class has learnt all the Story map for Warning Stories by heart. 

Here you have the five parts of the map in case that you want to practice at home.

In Science, our children experimented with Circuits. They used wires, bulbs, bulb holders, crocodile clips, batteries and battery holders to make a complete circuit.

After that, they tried adding an extra wire and they connected it to different objects: rubbers, scissors, books, rulers, pencil sharpeners, cups, pens, mini white boards, zips, key hole, coin... and they decided whether they were conductors or insulators.

Could you sort these items into CONDUCTORS and INSULATORS? 
rubbers,       scissors,      books,      rulers,      pencil sharpeners
cups,      pens,       mini white boards,     zips,      key hole,      coin

In Maths, Trinity class has started a new unit: Properties of Shape. Children have had an approach to angles: how to identify them and how to order them from smaller to bigger and vice versa.

Also, Children from Trinity class have learnt the different types of triangles: isosceles, equilateral and scalene.

Could you tell an adult at home the type these triangles are and how you know?