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Week commencing 27th Jan 2020


This week we have started looking at instructions and the features within them. Miss Williams turned into an alien and needed the children to instruct her to make a jam sandwich. From this activity we learnt the use of clear instructions is key because nobody wants a sandwich when the butter has been spread using fingers!!


We have come to the end of our Multiplication and division unit this week. Making sure we are clear what method we must use when asked to multiple or divided. Selwyn class now know that to multiplication we must make groups of to find out how many we have in total eg. 2 groups of 5 equals 10 but when dividing we share and see how many each person receives eg. 10 shared between 2 people equals 5 each. 


Mammals were our focus this week ans we can't believe that we are mammals! We know this as like other mammals we have hair, breath using our lungs, are warm blooded and have four legs (two special front legs called arms.)