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Week commencing 24th Feb 2020

Maths:  We’ve moved on to a new unit of fractions. We identified fractions in different representations and learnt about the difference between unit and non-unit fractions. We also did some work on equivalent fractions. Using the fraction wall below, how many equivalent fractions can you find for 1/2? Can you see any patterns? What about if you find equivalent fractions for 1/3? 

English:  We are learning about Newspaper Reports. We spent some time exploring and learning our new model text: “Dangerous Dragon on the Rampage in Local School!” We had a lot of fun doing some drama activities, before we discussed and explored vocabulary and language features. We created our writers’ toolkit for a ‘gripping’ newspaper report. Can you find a news report to read at home? How many of the tools from our toolkit can you spot?

Topic: We’ve been analysing Anglo Saxon artefacts and considering what they can teach us about Anglo Saxon culture.