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Week commencing 23rd Sept 2019

This week has been incredibly busy week!

On Monday, we tried fencing during P.E. 

On Wednesday, we learnt more about the Blitz and looked at pictures and information about Anderson and Morrison shelters. We then had a go at making an Anderson shelter in groups with paper and masking tape. The shelter needed to fit a family (Lego people) and withstand a bomb (an egg)! There were some fabulous designs and every single one withstood an egg being dropped from 50cm. However, some came to a sticky end when the bomb was dropped by 100cm!

On Thursday, we made puppets in preparation for our large performance! We were responsible for making pelicans, toucans and eagles. They all look rather incredible. Here are some photos of us making throughout the day:

In English this week, we have finished writing emotive letters, edited and published them (photos to come next week when these are on display). Here are some people sharing there letters:

In Maths, we have begun using the column method to solve addition problems. We have to be very careful to line up our column in the correct place and remember to carry over!