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Week commencing 18th Nov 2019

In English, Trinity class have written their own Portal Story. They concentrated in one part of the Story map per day so that they could add as many features of the toolkit as they could.

They also peer assessed each other using the Toolkit to help them spot features.

In Maths, children from Trinity class have continued with their unit of "Multiplication and Division". This week has been really challenging as they have been learning to divide/multiply by 1 and by 0.

Can you tell which equations are correct and which are incorrect? Explain which ones should be corrected.

43 x 1 = 43                  832 x 0 = 832                  74809.4 x 1 = 0                         30.15 x 1 = 30.15

In Art, Trinity class finished their Evil Eyes, talismans/ amulets created to protect against the Evil Eye curse.

Ancient Greeks believed that the evil eye was a kind of supernatural force that casted or reflected a malevolent gaze back-upon those who wish harm upon others (especially innocents).