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Week commencing 16th Sept 2019

In Maths, we are learning more about Number: recognition of the place value of digits, partitioning numbers in different ways, estimation and situation of numbers on a number line...

Try and challenge someone at home: Can they partition the number by drawing place value counters in the part whole model?

Topic- What do AD and BC/BCE?  Which would be furthest away from today’s date 120BC or 900BC?

Ancient Greek civilization can be split into different periods. Minoan, Mycenaean, Dark Ages,Archaic, Classical and Hellenistic.  Children from Trinity class have worked in groups to order some of the events in chronological order.

In English, we have learnt a Greek Myth by memorising the text map and by adding actions to help us learn and internalise.

Would you like to practice at home? Here you have the Story map!