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Week commencing 14th Oct 2019

Well done to Downing Class for successfully completing their first half term of year 6.!

On Monday, we rehearsed for the puppet performance and prepared for the three shows which we took part in on Tuesday. Our puppets were the chickens, cranes and road runners. At the end of the performance the whole school took their puppets into the hall for a celebration:

In maths we have been continuing our work on multiplication - there are now no numbers we can't multiply!

Downing are rightly proud of the progress they have made in their warning stories. Here is an extract from Zuzanna's story:

When it was dark, they set off, their shadows following closely behind them. They finally reached the towering library. Slowly, Rose and James heaved open the old, rusty door. The books were waiting, watching, wondering as Rose and James walked over to the corner. They heard a sudden thud but the library didn't move. 

Happy half term everyone!