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Week commencing 14th Oct 2019

What a fantastic week full to the brim with puppet fun! Well done to all the children - the shows were amazing and, with 615 puppets involved in the final show, we broke the world record for the biggest puppet show ever!!!  

Maths: We have been learning about how to use the inverse to check our answers. We have also been using our rounding skills to estimate the answers to calculations. Have a go at estimating the answers to these:

  • 45 + 32
  • 152 + 659
  • 4930 + 5392

English:  We came to the end of our unit of work on Information Texts. The children wrote the final drafts of their information texts based on their made up, hybrid creatures. Take a look at the excellent example below. How many features of information texts can you spot in it?

Topic:  We have really enjoyed learning about Ancient Greek temples this week. We learnt that the Greeks used three different types of column in their buildings: Doric, Ionic and Corinthian.  Have a look at the remains of an Ancient Greek temple below: what type of column can you see?