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Week commencing 14th Oct 2019

The final week of our first half term.  All things PUPPETS!  We are very much looking forward to the World Record attempt.  

We are looking forward to our 'Packed-Lunch Session on Friday 18th October.

Our sketch books are beginning to look good too.  Last lesson, we drew 3d spherical shapes and turned them into rock monsters. 

In English we have been looking at poetry.  In particular: shape poems and senses poems.  Here is an example of 'The Jellyfish.'

Jelly Ghost, monstrous hunter, clear blue ocean smile.  Rising waves, greedy mouth,  stingy killer, fear in the distance.  It is slimy, horrible, he eats enormous, scary fish.  Scary like a spider and tentacles are electric and nasty.  As slippery as a slide, like an electric fence.


This week we have encouraged the children to think about their senses when describing nouns and emotions in poetry.

Our class worked together on this poem about chocolate.  (Then we got to eat it of course.)

In maths we have been looking at addition.  We've been learning some different formal methods of calculation.  Expanded addition and column addition.  In order to be clear about each process and how place value works in this way, we have not yet all tackled this process with exchanging.

Expanded addition:


Column addition: