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Week commencing 13th Jan 2020

This week, we have planned and begun writing our dramatic event in English. There are a variety of different events that have been chosen and many different modes of transport for which the event is occurring on/in (such as a rollercoaster, lorry, aeroplane, helicopter, Lamborghini, train, bus, etc). We thought carefully about how we could show how our main character of our character was feeling through his/her actions, rather than telling the reader how they felt. We have also tried to use a semi colon list when our main character has their life flash before their eyes during the dramatic event!

Here is an example of an opening paragraph:

In Maths, we have begun our Geometry unit. So far, we have looked at identify and writing co-ordinates in four quadrants, translated and reflected shapes and identified 2D shapes and explained their properties. 

In Geometry, we have located South America on a World Map. In small groups. we have researched a different country in South America. Each group needed to find out the capital city, climate, population and fun facts about the country they we researching. Have a look at these brilliant posters!