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Week commencing 13th Jan 2020


This week we have been writing the story of Augustus and his smile. As we have learnt the story using Talk for Writing actions, this has really help us to know exactly what to write. As we are now such brilliant writers we have been using different adjectives and verbs to make the story even better. 


We have still been focusing on multiplication this week, moving onto looking at arrays and doubling numbers. Within our work on arrays we looked at the number of rows and columns and how we can use this to help us to work out the answer. Our doubling work allowed us to become more confident with doubling numbers and can now double numbers up to 20. 


We have started a class science experiment this week focusing on how long it takes for things to rot. We are now observing a clean piece of bread vs a dirty piece of bread which we all touch, as we learnt germs help things to rot quicker. Alongside this we are also observing an apple and a plastic bag as we learnt apples rot quickly whereas plastic can last until the end of time without rotting. We will continue to observe these for the next few weeks writing down our predictions and observations.