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Week commencing 11th Nov 2019

Well done to Ayoub and Adjoa who got the achievement and progress certificates this week.

In English, we have been continuing to report on strange happenings in Trumpington. According to Shaked, the residents of Trumpington have been behaving in an incraesingly peculiar manner:

In maths, we have moved on to our next unit which is fractions, decimals and percentages. We all started off thinking the answer to the question below was the top piece of wood, but then we changed our minds and decided it was the bottom one!

In science, we carried out our investigation into how different variables could affect the length of a paper plane's flight. We were very careful to keep everything the same apart from the one variable we wanted to change. Our independent variables ranged from material of plane, weight of plane to throwing technique and design of plane.

Here is Zuzanna's group's table of results which shows that, on average, throwing the plane from standing on the chair meant it flew further than when thrown from standing on the group. We enjoyed using 'carpet tiles' as our unit of measurement!