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Week commencing 10th February

On Thursday, we celebrated our 100th day of being at school this year.

We wrote 100 word stories, created bead-strings (which each contain 100 beads), ran 100 miles (together with the rest of KS2) and spent an imaginary £100 budget planning breakfast for Hilltop. Below are some of the 100 word stories and some pictures of the day.

The Ancient Villa by Callum

In an ancient villa, there was a ruby encrusted statue. Around the statue lay dozens of cobwebs: some sculpture like, some with loads of spiders in and one even stretched across the whole room. For millennia, no-one, not even the bravest people dared enter. One story day, the wind howled, flood-water rushed in and a land-slide struck the villa. The villa was gone. All that was left was the scuttling of he spiders. The night after the storm, something strange happened: the statue - that stood the storm- disappeared. Soon after, the ancient villa, which was once exquisite, was completely forgotten.

I remember by Ana

I remember when I was a kid, my Mom took me to an unusual place: a big plane filled with baby giraffes. I thought they were adorable but my Mom didn't think so. She wrapped me in a blanket that the company gave us and tried to stop me touching the baby giraffes, but she failed miserably. I hugged the giraffes, played with them and even gave names to them! Joana, Giraffy, Baby gigi and more. At the end of the flight, my Mom had to take them home; she already likes them. They're friends now.

The Great Potato by Charlotte

In a tiny village far, far away, there lived a beautiful potato who was very artistic. One day, she was strolling through the Tato Forest, when she came across a strange looking piece of celery. "What a strange piece of celery!" exclaimed the potato. "You are the chosen one!" the celery replied. Without warning, the potato was turned into the most exquisite golden potato on earth. The potato was amazed but the celery had done. The potato then went on to be a brave an honourable leaders of the potatoes. She made history and won wars; her name was Charlotte.

Our collections of 100 things that Downing class members brought in from home.


Making bead strings to use in maths.

Running the mile challenge!