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Week commencing 10th Feb 2020

:  This week saw the end of our unit on Shape. We consolidated our knowledge and practised using our mathematical vocabulary in an activity looking at different national flags. Why not test your knowledge at home using the flag below? What shapes, angles and lines do you see in the Union Jack? Don’t forget to explain!

English:  We also came to the end of our Warning Story unit in English. Everyone has been working super hard this – not only have we finished the first drafts of our stories, but we also planned and wrote a whole new story for our Warm Write. Everyone has made progress and should be very proud! Some examples:

Science: What fun we had this week exploring electrical circuits using the equipment! It was very satisfying to see the light bulbs flash on, knowing that a complete circuit had been created. We also explored what happened when we added a switch into the circuit and discussed how switches work.