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Week beginning 23rd March

We will try and add as many fun activities as we can think of here to help you keep your children entertained during any period of school closure. 

Create a timetable:  Children (although they don't know it) really like to have a structure to their days so you might find it useful to create a timetable for the days they should be in school.  Get your child to decorate it.  Make sure you include time for learning, playing, getting outside, physical activity, relaxing, reading.

Get Creative: These websites have lots of different ideas for creative activities that should be possible with the bits and pieces you have at home. 


 CBeebies (lots of recipes on here too)

Get Sporty:  

Keep fit with Joe Wicks! Join thousands of other children daily at 9am and have fun doing P.E. with Joe. Here is his very popular youtube page where you can find lots of other active video classes too:

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Activities in maths ( are recapping our geometry learning.  There are a number of different activities to choose from in the classwork folder - home learning week 1. All activities should be tablet friendly. Your child has been given a login for this. If you are unable to access the website, please email the office.

 In English (, there are games on commas and inverted commas.  (Including fronted adverbials) Again, there are a number of different activities to choose from in the classwork folder - home learning week 1.

In addition, please encourage and ensure that your children are reading.  This can be: a book from home or cereal packets, newspaper articles, e-books, etc.  They can also improve their reading if they are read to.  

Writing tasks will be a response to an image. This week you have an image of a troll (bigger versions can be found here ) and a story starter (see attachment below).  You can write a mystery story or use the starter and write any story you like.  (You can write in pen even if you don't have a pen licence or type it).  Keep it safe and bring it in to share when we are back.