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Week Beginning 4th May

Hello Year 6!

We hope you had a good weekend and are rested and ready to get started on the work for this week. Hopefully you’ve all had a chance to listen to the books on the Read it Again competition page and vote for your favourite. If you haven’t yet, do that now! /page/?title=Read+it+Again+Competition&pid=37

Even though we would have only been in school for four days this week, we have put up five activities for reading, writing and maths. If you decide with your adults that you are going to double up on activities on Thursday so that you are done by Friday then that is fine with us!

Reading activities

There is a word document attached at the bottom of this page which includes the instructions for all of the reading activities for the week.

Activity 1: Finding themes

Activity 2: Bag for Life

Activity 3: Author Hunt

Activity 4: Way to the stars

Activity 5: First News True/False Quiz


Maths activities

For maths this week, we are going to be using the Oak National Academy Lessons. The focus for this week is on missing angles and lengths. Click the link each day and it will take you to the menu of lessons. Scroll down to under the fractions lessons to find the angles lessons. You will need paper and pencil in front of you to work with while you do the online lesson.

Monday: Find missing angles

Tuesday: Compare and classify triangles

Wednesday: Compare and classify quadrilaterals

Thursday: Find unknown angles in triangles

Friday: Calculate unknown angles in regular polygons

Maths chilli challenges

There are five maths chilli challenge activities this week - see the attached word document at the bottom of the page.


Writing activities

Your writing activities this week have been filmed by teachers in school. There is one video for each day of the week. The instructions for what you need to do are in the video. The pictures are in a power point attachment at the bottom of the page.






Once you have finished your task on Friday, please ask your adult to help you send it to the school office email address. The office will then send it to your teacher. In the email, please state which class you are in. 


Other subjects


Scroll down to the ‘Mammals’ section and there are instructions for an investigation into how our proportions change as we grow. All you will need is a tape measure. This links to the work we did on evolution and inheritance.

Take part in Miss Chilcott’s Cambridge Walk Bingo (on the Home Learning Updates page)


Learn the song of the week from the ‘SingUp’ website:

The Royal Scottish National Orchestra can teach you how to play a Samba in your kitchen. Watch the first video on the website.


The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge has developed a programme on its website called ‘Look, Think, Do’. You can choose which of the Fitzwilliam artefacts you want to focus on.


Some of the Disney animators have been recording tutorials on how to draw popular Disney characters:

Enter the John Lewis competition for designing a Super-Hero Bear. /blog/?pid=716&nid=6&storyid=151

P.S. Happy Birthday Marko! And belated birthday wishes to Callum, Emily, Georgia and Clara!