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Week Beginning 27th April

Hope you are all well and keeping as busy as you can.    Keep smiling :)

Miss Chilcott and Miss Dilnot


1 – Complete the ‘Throwing A Tree’ poetry exercise.

2 – Complete the ‘Sword in the Stone’ activity on Education City (there is a downloaded worksheet attached if you cannot access the Education City resource.)  You’ll find it online here:

3 – Read the edition of First News attached below.

4 – Complete the Literacy Characters Quiz.

5 – This year, we are taking part in the 'Read it Again' storybook competition online. Some of the school adults have filmed themselves reading the books and now you need to go and watch the videos and vote on your favourite. The videos and the link to the quiz where you can vote is in a folder on the 'Home Learning' tab within 'The Trumpington Federation' at the top of the page 


Please make sure you vote by Saturday 9th May. Then we will count the votes and announce the winning book!


Work through the Talk4Writing ‘Doors’ unit attached.  There are a lot of different activities for you to complete here – if you find one more interesting (for example the poetry), you could spend more time working on this than on some of the other sections.  As ever, if you have any work you would like to share, please email it in!

It is up to you how you wish to work through the activities (although, do stick to the order they are in).  However, if it helps, one suggestion for how to break up the week is:

Monday – Sessions 1,2 and 3

Tuesday – Sessions 4 and 5

Wednesday – Sessions 6 and 7

Thursday – Sessions 8 and 9

Friday – Session 10 (this is writing the final piece so will take longer)


You could also do the quick spelling activity – ‘One Quoit Knight’ – on Education City which you will find here:   There is a downloaded paper equivalent attached at the bottom.



1 – Complete Challenge 3 – ‘Favourite Number’ – in the Maths Puzzle workbook attached.

2 – Complete Challenge 8 in the same booklet.  You could flick through and have a go at any of the other activities that interest you in the booklet as well.

3 – Complete the ‘Mathematical Mansion’ activity – it has lots of different mathematical problems for you to have a go at.

4 – Complete either the mild, medium or spicy questions on division.

5 – See how many of the ‘Indoor Maths Challenges’ you can have a go at!

Other Activities

  • Have a look at the other daily lessons being provided on BBC Bitesize – there are Maths and English tasks but you will also find some activities in other subject areas!
  • Have a go at 'The Great Cambridge Walk Bingo 2' - You can find your copy on the Home Learning Updates tab!
  • Have a look at these videos from a range of celebrities: could you take on some of their challenges?
  • Have a look at the Kitchen Sink science booklet and try out one of the simple experiments!
  • Keep checking out the Home Learning blog, which will have different activities and free resources to occupy you all!