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Week Beginning 23rd March

Below you will find some tasks for you to complete in our first week away from school.   They do not need to be done in any particular order and should be quite self-explanatory.   Many of them use Education City - I will have set the tasks for you on the Education City site so they should be easy to find!  If you have lost your login, or are having technical issues, the hard paper copies of the tasks are attached at the bottom of the page.  You can also email the school office (if you need your login or have any immediate questions) and logins etc will get back to you via email.    Also, Education City is a huge resource so feel free to explore other areas of the website and perhaps use the time at home to learn a new skill (baking, coding, sewing?) or help someone out.

Be kind to each other everyone :)

Reading Tasks

1 – Complete the 'A Creative Day Out' Reading Activity.  This is an attachment at the bottom of this page.

2 – Complete the ‘Mystery of the Missing Teacher’ reading activity on Education City.

3 – Read the Shards of Glass story (attached to this page) and complete the activity (drawing an image of the location from the description).

4 – Find, and read, something in the news not about the Coronavirus and summarise it!

5 – Read the MooseKid comic and read your own reading book regularly!



1 – Complete the 'Heated Debate' task on Education City.

2 – Use the Education City link (‘Rainforest Report’ - .   Use the guide to produce a non-fiction text (of your choosing) on a topic we have studied this year: World War II, South America, The Maya).  You will find a model text for an information text attached, to help you if you choose this genre.

3 – Complete the 'Spelling Stallions 1' task on Education City -

4 – Start your own grammar dictionary.  In this, write the grammatical word, provide multiple examples of the word and a definition.  The words for this week: verb, noun, adjective, adverb, preposition, determiner, pronoun.

5 – Read the information page on Mayan beliefs:

Summarise their key beliefs – what are the key differences and similarities with different people’s beliefs today?  Could you find other information about Mayan beliefs from different sources?



1 – Use your Times Tables Rockstars account to get regular mental maths practice!  Could you arrange to compete with one another in a tournament?

2 – Complete the 'Start Your Engines' task on Education City.

3 – Complete the 'Button Bashers' task on Education City.

4 – Complete the percentages revision task attached at the bottom of the page.  Choose which level of difficulty you would like to have a go at.

5 – Play some of the games available on the Nrich website:

Finally, you could use the extra time you have to develop your coding skills - you can set up a free Scratch account at   You can also find a range of coding resources at   The topic newsletter is also attached with a few extra ideas for 'homework' you could have a go at.

If you want to have a go at creating the Mayan game some of us started in computing lessons, you can follow the instructions linked below (Written instructions for scratch lessons - Mayan game of doom). The Maze 1 document that needs to be inserted as a sprite is also attached below. If you can't remember your password and login from school, it is not a problem - you can just start again with signing up with a new username and password from home.