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Week Beginning 20th April

Hi everyone,

We hope that you enjoyed your Easter holiday and have been exercising (perhaps with Joe Wick) to burn off those chocolate Easter eggs. It is rather strange to begin another term from a distance and we wish that we could start a new topic and be with you in person.

It is really lovely to see so many people logging in to Times Table Rockstars and Education City. There are also so many wonderful resources and websites to have a look at as well – the whole world has come to life through visual learning. Some of you may be finding that your internet connection is a little slow! There are lots of people using it at the moment that sometimes you might want to try again later. Remember, you can always read a book, do some baking, tidy an area of the house… it doesn’t always have to involve needing to use technology. Below are some activities you can do at home.


  • Activity 1: Read through the text called ‘Evil Star’ and answer the comprehension questions related to the text. 
  • Activity 2: Remind yourself of the different co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions you know (Think: FANBOYS and WABBITS!) Complete the ‘Co-ordinating and Subordinating conjunctions Sheet’ and have a go at writing your own sentences using a range of conjunctions. You can choose Mild or Spicy (or complete them both!) FANBOYS and WABBITS are on the sheet to help you!
  • Activity 3: Read the Storyteller’s Gift and answer the comprehension questions below.
  • Activity 4: Complete a book review about a book that you have been reading. You can either complete the book review template or you could video yourself with the book and explain what you like about the book and who you would recommend reading it.
  • Activity 5: McTwist and Shout! Find out about the history of skateboarding on Education City - If you are unable to access Education City, the text and activity sheets are attached to the bottom of the page.


  • Activity 1: Think carefully about what is going on in the world at the moment and plan a letter to someone you care about.
  • Activity 2: Write the letter (in your neatest handwriting).
  • Activity 3: Edit and self-assess your letter.
  • Activity 4: Continue building up words in your grammar dictionary. The words this week: preposition and relative clause. For each term, provide multiple examples and a definition. You can use this website to help you -
  • Activity 5: Complete the ‘Spelling Stations 2’ task on Education City -


  • Activity 1: Play ‘Bargain Hunter’ from Education City (activity is also attached below) -
  • Activity 2: Use Times Tables Rockstars to get regular mental maths practise.
  • Activity 3: Maths Investigation – Four 4s. Find each consecutive number starting from 1 using four 4s. You must use four 4s, no more, no less, to calculate each number. Full instructions (and some examples) are attached at the bottom of the page.
  • Activity 4: Ratio and Proportion Worksheet (attached at the bottom of the page).
  • Activity 5: All Change! This is a game that involves you using your knowledge of fractions, decimals and percentages. This game can be played in lots of different ways (you can even come up with your own instructions). There are instructions on two ways you can play the game and the board. You will need a dice so if you do not have these at home, you could print of a template or just draw the net of a cube, add dots and fold it all together! You will also need 16 counters (these could be made out of scrap paper).

Some other suggestions:

  • Have a look on the ‘Home Learning Updates’ tab to the right of this page. There are websites that you can explore and activities to do.
  • Complete some of the Geology related activities below from the Lapworth Museum (based in Birmingham).
  • Find a map of the UK and label important landmarks/places that you have learnt about in History or Geography during your time at the Trumpington Federation (some examples could include: Stonehenge, Tower of London, Sutton Hoo, Hadrians Wall, Lindisfarne, Offa’s Dyke, White Cliffs of Dover, Roman Baths in Bath, Skara Brae, Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike, Snowdon). What can you tell your family about each of these places?
  • Learn a new song or piece of music.
  • Play 'The Great Cambridge Walk Bingo' (attached in the Home Learning Updates tab).
  • If you have completed any homework projects (or any other projects!) we would love for you to send in a photo. Then we can share the projects on the website.

Finally, belated birthday wishes to Arjun, Divya and Keisha!