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Week Beginning 18th May

Hi everyone,

If you have not already, please get your parents to check their emails and contact Mrs Hefti to get onto our Google Classroom.  This is where we will now be putting the work, which you can submit, and sharing messages with you.    Any problems, contact the office.  See you over there!

Work for week of 18th May


For Maths this week, we will continue to use the Oak Academy lessons, this time looking at fractions.  We would like you to complete the first 4 sessions.  For your fifth maths lesson, there are some multi-step problems attached.  Choose your level of challenge and then hand in your answers to your teacher.  It is up to you when you do the multi-step problem sheet but do the fractions lessons in order or it could get confusing!

Lesson 1: Representing Fractions

Lesson 2: Understanding Equivalence

Lesson 3: Finding Equivalent Fractions

Lesson 4: Compare Fractions Less than One

Lesson 5: Multi-Step word problems – sheet attached!



Your first reading task this week is answering some extracts about a dramatic event in a book called Itch by Simon Mayo.  There are also some other activities asking you to consider the senses you might experience near a fire and a task where you need to try and come up with a verb for every letter of the alphabet.  There is also an Education City task (with a paper version attached in case there are any problems) – finally, there is a talk you can watch where Anthony Horowitz discusses his famous Alex Rider books!

Reading Tasks

 1 – Dramatic Event Comprehension 

 2 - Vocabulary Challenge 

 3 – Senses Sheet

 4 – Education City reading challenge      

5 – Watch Anthony Horowitz talk about his Alex Rider series at



Your main writing task this week is to rewrite a traditional tale (fairy tale) adding your own interpretation and twist!  The document attached below will explain to you the stages you should go through to achieve this.  There is also a grammar activity and a spelling task to complete (you can choose whether you would like to do the paper or the Education City spelling task!)

Lesson 1 – Plan your traditional tale. 

Lesson 2 – Write your traditional tale.

Lesson 3 – Edit and improve your traditional tale.

Lesson 4 – Grammar activity

Lesson 5 – Spelling activity  OR complete the suffix sheet.



On this website, you can work through a music lesson.  In the lesson you will listen to some famous music, try out some singing and rhythm activities and even compose your own pieces of music!



You can continue to look at the work on living things and their habitats that many of you started looking at last week.  


Hopefully, you are keeping active at the moment.  Remember, there is the Joe Wicks workout every weekday morning – many of the teachers have been giving this a go! 

Also, here is your fifth (and final) Walk Bingo. Hope that you have enjoyed playing. If you want to continue playing with your family, you could make your own bingo cards!

Finally, if you are missing the Premier League, have a look at the resources below that help you to train like Marcus Rashford (or any other striker if you are not a Man Utd fan…)


Other Activities

There are loads of activities out on the internet to keep you busy at the moment.  There are 2 suggestions below – the BBC Bitesize website is putting lots of lessons each day up whilst the Premier League have created some ‘Friday Family Challenges’ you could try out.  You could share your efforts on Google Classroom.