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Week Beginning 11th May

Hi everyone and welcome to week 6 of home learning,

You are all doing so well and we could not be more proud of how you finding new ways of doing things!

Many of us are losing track of what day/week it is. Did you know that if we were in school this week, it would have been SATs week? You will be pleased to know, that we have not prepared SATs questions for you!!! The work will be similar to the other weeks of home learning.

We miss seeing you,

Miss Chilcott and Miss Dilnot



The reading activities for this week are taken from a free book called ‘How Not to go to School.’ It can be found attached at the bottom of the page or on

  • Activity 1 (Monday): Read Chapter One and Two – Answer the comprehension questions and make comparisons between the narrator’s routines and yours. You can also listen to the song, ‘We’ve Got Cabin Fever!’
  • Activity 2 (Tuesday): Read Chapter Three – Think about how you keep yourself entertained at home. Research about a bird called the Tui.
  • Activity 3 (Wednesday): Read Chapter Four - Think about how you stay motivated at home. Make a list of different ways you have learnt at home over the last five weeks.
  • Activity 4 (Thursday): Read Chapter Five and Six – Have a go at one of the projects the narrator is going to try. If you choose number two on the list (Ask Tui to teach me how to speak Maori), you can watch the videos below of Miss Chilcott sing some Maori songs that teach you some Maori words! You can find a link to the video here:
  • Activity 5 (Friday): Read the First News. Write a short paragraph (or a couple of sentences) in your own words explaining what each of the photos on the activity sheet are about.


Work through the Talk4Writing ‘The City of Silence’ unit attached.  There are a lot of different activities for you to complete here – if you find one part more, you could spend more time working on this than on some of the other sections.  Remember, if you have any work you would like to share, please email it in!

It is up to you how you wish to work through the activities (although, do stick to the order they are in).  However, here is one suggestion for how to break up the week:

  • Monday: Activities 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Tuesday: Activities 5, 6 and 7
  • Wednesday: Activities 8 and 9
  • Thursday: Activities 10, 11 and 12
  • Friday: Activities 13 and 14 (Activity 14 is to perform one of the poems you have written this week. If you do not want to perform your poem, you could publish and illustrate your poem and put it up somewhere in the house!)

You could also do the quick spelling activity – ‘Aim High’– on Education City which you will find here: You can also find a downloaded copy of this activity at the bottom of the page.

If you find that you are getting though the writing unit quickly and are a capable writer, there is another Talk4Writing unit to try. This is labelled ‘EXTENSION writing activity – The Cave of Requirement.’ You will need to put on your detective outfit to help you with this writing!


Just like you did last week, you are going to use the Oak National Academy website for Maths this week. The focus for this week is on coordinates and shapes. Click the link each day and it will take you to the menu of lessons. You will need paper and pencil in front of you to work on while you do the online lesson.

  • Lesson 1: Describe positions on a full grid
  • Lesson 2: Translate simple shapes
  • Lesson 3: Draw simple shapes on a coordinate plane
  • Lesson 4: Solve practical coordinate problems
  • Lesson 5: Solve practical coordinate problems

You can also have a look at the Maths Challenges attached at the bottom of the page. This week, there are eight to have a look at. Challenges 7-8 are problems that you can have a look at over several days as you will be able to find multiple solutions to them.


Some other suggestions for home learning this week are:


If we were in school, we would have been learning about living things and their habitats. We would look at ways of classifying animals, plants and micro-organisms. Fortunately, there are some wonderful lessons that have been put together below. Each PowerPoint is a different lesson. There are six lessons in total so might want to have a look at some of them over to next week as well.

On each PowerPoint, the first slide is a note to parents, the second slide explains the objectives of the lesson and then the rest of the PowerPoint has activities for you to do. It also includes links to videos to watch in order to find out more information.

At the end of each PowerPoint there is a Glossary of new words you might have come across in the lesson and there is an example of how your work might look from the lesson!

The PowerPoints are attached at the bottom. However, you can also find them on The Association for Science Education:


Learn the song of the week from the ‘SingUp’ website:

We hope that you had fun creating your own Samba band. Check out the The Royal Scottish National Orchestra weekly challenges, what music will you create this week? You could try Challenge Number 3, which is to create a cartoon to go along with the Peter and the Wolf music or Challenge Number 5, which is to sing in Canon with your family -

Physical Education and Health

Remember to have a go at Walk Bingo! There are now four different versions on the Year 6 website! How many bingo object have you found now? Are there any items that you would add to Walk Bingo?

Miss Chilcott and Miss van der Goes have been learning some new dance routines though a programme called Jump Jam. Have a go at moving to some of the songs on this website: (it is a New Zealand website and daily videos are being posted on to it! Brett takes you through the routines from his house in Mount Maunganui.) Miss Chilcott and Miss V know the actions to Coconut, Witch Doctor, Kung Fu Fighting and Reach for the Stars off by heart! How many can you learn?!

Other things to ZOO at home!

Remember that lots of public places are hosting virtual experiences. Here are just some of the places that you can visit virtually:

A final suggestion!

Finally, please remember to have a look on the ‘Home Learning Updates’ tab to the right of this page. There are websites that you can explore and activities to do. Lots of the websites are updating their resources daily so please go back and have a look at them each day/week!

Remember to keep checking: