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Please find some useful website links below.

13th July.

The bird and Worm Yoga - (The Amazing World Of Earthworms In The UK - Springwatch - BBC Two)


 WEEK 10

6th July

29th June 2020.

Play hangman - phase 5

22nd June 2020

Here is the link for your next music lesson. Have fun! ‘sh’ words Alphablocks for 'sh' and 'ch' revision for songs and games

Look at for ‘sh’ and ‘ch’

15th June 2020

Look at these website links for some more simple Early Years maths songs and games: - ordering numbers - ordinal numbers - sets of numbers - Puzzles and Quizzes on the CBeebies website Sistema music

8th June 2020 Phonics reading books Minibeast Adventures with Jess -Crazy Critters Sistema Music

1st June 2020 This is the third Sistema music lesson: please take a look! This is the song that we would love your child to listen to and learn. This is a fun song about doubling numbers. A Numberblocks episode about doubling.