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WB 30.3.2020


I hope you are all keeping well at home! Here are this week's home learning activities. I have also linked the worksheets at the bottom of the page for those who would like to download, but please remember all activities can be done on paper/copied from the screen. I know Education City has been a bit challenging over the past week, I will continue to upload activities on there but ensure there are plenty of non-education city activities uploaded here. Keep safe and keep reading :) 

There are activities for Monday-Wednesday. Thursday would have been the beginning of the Easter Holidays, so we will not be setting work from this point onwards until Monday 20th April (when children were due to return for the beginning of the Summer term). Please use the Easter Holidays to catch up on any outstanding Education City homework. Enjoy your Easter as best as you can and I look forward to hopefully seeing you all soon! 

Miss Robitaille & Miss Williams 


Monday:All children: Phonics focus. Read the sound and practice reading the words. Children can practice spelling the word on a piece of paper and drawing a picture to represent some of the words. Children should then read through the short piece of text and spot all of the words that contain one of the /f/ sounds. 

Tuesday: Medium/Spicy: Read the information text about the life cycle of a butterfly. Answer the questions that go along with the text. (links to both below) Mild: Read the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar (link to book below). Look at the pictures of the butterflies' life cycle. Cut and order (can also draw and write) the events to create the life cycle of a butterfly! 

SCIENCE CHALLENGE: Make a model of a lifecycle - see attachments for an example!

Wednesday:All children: Read a book of their choice (either a book sent home from school, a book they have at home, or one of the free e books from the links below). Mild: They should then draw their favourite part of the book. Medium/Spicy: They should then write a book review on the book they’ve read (template below and linked with other worksheets- no need to print! Children can use the subheadings to write their review on paper). parents will need to create a login but this is completely free  - create free login for BookFlix 


Monday:  All Children: Research the animal of your choice. Write down as many facts and information you can find. (Use the template below help- once again, no need to print just copy and complete on paper). 

Tuesday: Begin writing a non-chronological report about your animal. Remember the toolkit for a non-chronological report. Mild: Write some simple sentences about the animal you researched yesterday.  Medium/spicy:Can you add an expanded noun phrase to your writing (2 adjectives before a noun- e.g. Long, sharp claws or white, fluffy fur)? 

WednesdayMild: Draw your animal and label it with a description.Medium/Spicy: Continue writing your non-chronological report. When finished edit and improve your work. Then, draw your animal and label it with a description. Here is a picture of the example we looked at a few weeks ago: 

Challenge!    If you want some extra work to do over Easter, why not create a whole book of animals by researching all of you favourite animals, writing a page about each one and attaching them together to make an animal information book. 



Monday:Learn the 5x tables song on education city. Mild/ Medium: Add 2 digit numbers using the expanded column method (worksheet linked below- no need to print, copy onto paper).Spicy: Check your answers by drawing a number line. Do you get the same answer using a different strategy? Remember to:

           ●     add the ones first, then write the number in the ones column

●     add the tens, then write the number in the tens column

Tuesday: Sing the 5x tables song. ALL: Add 2 digit numbers using the expanded column method. Draw your dienes(lines and dots) for the tens and ones to help you if you need to!  

Spicy Challenge: Solve these bar models using a strategy of your choice. 


Mild: Complete the questions below on paper. Partition the numbers into tens and ones (you can draw these using lines and dots to help) and then add your tens and your ones to find your answer. 

Medium/Spicy: Complete the questions below on paper. Partition the numbers into tens and ones and then add your tens and your ones to find your answer.  

Remember to keep checking education city for additional tasks! 

Topic (This is not compulsory, but here are some ideas if you get bored)/

●     Make a model of a well-known landmark from a country around the world.

●     Draw and label a picture of an animal in its natural habitat.

●     Draw/paint/make a model of your own animal living in a habitat. Explain how it is suited to that habitat. 

●     Research 3 football teams from different continents (you may want to draw their football kits)

●     Draw/paint a picture of a flag from any country. 

  • Keep doing Joe Wick's workouts on his Youtube channel!