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WB 27.04.2020

Well done to everyone who has been having a go at lots of the learning tasks on the website and Education City. It is great to see that lots of you are keeping up with the the tasks. Keep going and I look forward to seeing all of your smiling faces soon!


Some of the wonderful teachers at the Trumpington Federation have recorded some videos for your English this week. Watch one video per day and complete the activities that go with each video. We are using our Talk4Writing to write a beautiful piece of writing about the seaside! Don't forget to email the office some of your wonderful work, I'd love to see it!







Maths: Money 


Monday: Identifying money- Education city: Squids in Ask your parents if you have any money around the house. Can you identify the different coins? Can you sort them into piles and count how many of each coin you have? Have a go at identifying how much money is in each jar. (you can make the image bigger by downloading the worksheet pack at the bottom of the page) 

 Tuesday: Making amounts of money:  Education city: All change Can you make these different amounts? Draw pictures of the coins you could use. There is a worksheet in the pack, but remember you don’t need to print! 

Amounts:    30p, 17p,       27p, 10p, 19p,     28p. 

Wednesday: Making amounts in different ways:  Education city: Penny sweets. How many different ways can you come up with to make the amounts below. Try and find at least 3 ways to make each amount. (REMEMBER: There is no such thing as a 3p coin, only use coins that exist!) Write the different ways you find onto a piece of paper. 

10p, 50p,   20p, £1, 70p.

Thursday: Finding change: Education City: She Sells Seashells  In the downloadable pack at the bottom of the page there are a variety of finding change questions. You do not need to print, simply read the question from the screen and work it out on paper. 

Friday: Solving money problems: Education city: Surf shack  Once again, in the downloadable pack at the bottom of the page there are some problems for you to solve. Don’t worry about printing!


Monday: Identifying coins-  Education city: Recognising coins. Ask your parents if they have any money around the house. Can you sort the money into groups? Put all of the 1ps together, all of the 2ps together and so on. Use this poster to help you identify the coins: 

Tuesday: Identifying coins:  Education city: Dino Day Out. Can you label these different coins? Can you tell your parents or your brothers/sisters what coins are in the picture? 

Wednesday: Identifying notes:  Education city: Dinosaurs of Note Time to get creative! Using a pencil and paper (and colours if you’ve got them) have a go at drawing all of the British notes. How much detail can you include?

Thursday: Adding coins: Education City: Squids in Have a go at identifying how much money I have got in my jar. (You can make the worksheet bigger by downloading the mild worksheet pack at the bottom of the page). 

Friday: Making amounts: Education city: Show me the money Can you have a go at making the following amounts using the coins we have learnt about? If you have any coins around the house you could ask your parents if you could use them, or you can draw them on a piece of paper. (There is a also a worksheet in the pack but no need to print, just draw on paper). 

Amounts:         5p 10p 8p     15p 4p


This year, we are taking part in the 'Read it Again' storybook competition online. Some of the school adults have filmed themselves reading the books and now you need to go and watch the videos and vote on your favourite. The videos and the link to the quiz where you can vote is in a folder on the 'Home Learning' tab within 'The Trumpington Federation' at the top of the page (/page/?title=Read+it+Again+Competition&pid=37). 

Below are some comprehension activities to go with each video.

Enjoy, and don't forget to vote for your favourite book by Saturday 9th May!

Monday: Once upon a unicorn horn

  1. The book is set in a magic forest. Can you think of some other stories set in a magic forest? 
  2. What was the greatest treasure of all? 
  3. How did they try to get the horse to fly?
  4. How did the horse become a unicorn?

Tuesday: Monty and Milo

  1. Why did they think Milo wasn’t happy? 
  2. Who was in Milo’s quiet spot? 
  3. How are Milo and Henry similar? 
  4. Why do they say that Milo is a brilliant alarm clock?

Wednesday: One Fox and Our Favourite Day

  1. Can you name 3 of the things Grandpa does every morning? 
  2. What does Grandpa do after he picks up some flowers? 
  3. What would you make with the things Grandpa picks up from the craft store? 
  4. What does Grandpa make? 
  5. ‘One famished fox’ What do you think famished means? 
  6. This book reminds me of the Hungry Caterpillar. Can you guess why? 
  7. Why are the hens angry? 
  8. Why is the fox scared

Thursday: The Cave Man Next Door

  1. How had Penny’s street changed? 
  2. Where did Penny and the Caveman go?
  3. What do you think good table manners are? 
  4. How would you describe Penny? Is she good or bad? Why? 
  5. How had the Caveman changed at the end of the book?

Friday: Big Cat

  1. Why were the neighbours fed up? 
  2. What has Grandma lost? 
  3. How is the big cat different to Grandma’s other cats? 
  4. This story reminds me of The Tiger Who Came to Tea. Can you guess why? 
  5. Who was at the door?

Don't forget to vote for your favourite story here: 

Have a go at writing a book review (including a summary, like/dislikes, recommendations) of your favourite book.

Extra topic work (not compulsory):

Our topic this term is all about Knights, Giants and Beanstalks! Below is a menu of activities you could complete over the next couple of weeks and I'd love it if you could bring them into school when we get back for me to see. You don't have to do them all, but choose the ones you can do easiest at home with the resources you have available. 

There are a variety of science activities involving materials on Education City and a few more attached below! 

Can you test different materials around your house to find out which ones would make a good rain coat. Remember, they must be waterproof! 

Can you create a tent for a teddy bear? The tent will need to be strong, waterproof and warm to keep the teddy bear safe.