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WB 23.3.2020

Home learning activities for this week: Please note- when you log in to Education City all of the resources for this week have been placed into a folder called 'WB 23.3.2020' meaning you don't have to hunt for each activity. 

Children should complete one maths, one writing and one reading activity each day.

(If any parents would like additional activities, please check the main home learning page for links to websites with free resources. Keep encouraging your children to read as much as possible)

DAVID WALLIAMS is releasing his audiobooks at 11am daily for free! I know we have some David Walliams fans in our classes. 

Grubby Gertrude:

EDUCATION CITY: As we know education city has been up and down for the past few days. While this gets worked out here are some additional activities to try!


1- Get a piece of paper. Draw a clock and label it. Have someone in your home quiz you to show different times. (o'clock, half past, quarter to/quarter past, nearest 5 minutes)

2- Practise your 2, 5, and 10 times tables. Play the Daily 10 Choose your level and type of questions. See if you can beat your score and become faster.

3- Practise your number bonds to 20. Write as many as you can remember. Don't forget to write the whole fact family (9+1=10, 1+9=10, 10-9=1, 10-1=9). Try the game hit the button. How fast can you find the number bonds?



1- Tell a story using these story cards? Practise and tell your story to a parent, sibling, pet or stuffed animal! Encourage your parent or sibling to create their own story.

2- Read a story (can be one from school, at home or online). Hunt for any adjectives in your story. Write them all down. Can you think of other words that mean the same (synonym).

3- Share a story with someone at home. Chat about what you liked and disliked about the story. Would you recommend this story? Why?


Monday:   Start of by listening to the 2x table song on education city. Practise telling the time (just o'clock and half past) with your child. Mild: Try the task 'tick tock' on Education City. Medium/Spicy: Try the task 'half time scores' on Education city.  The complete: 

Tuesday : Start by rewatching the 2x table song on education city. Recap telling the time (o'clock and half past). Mild: Try the task: 'Wakey Wakey' on Education CityMedium/Spicy: Try the task 'Clocking in' on Education City. Then complete:

Wednesday: Ask your child to sing the 2x table son from education city. Practise telling the time but this time include quarter to and quarter past. Mild:  Try the second 'Wakey Wakey' activity on Education City. Medium/Spicy: Try the task 'Quarter Master' on Education City. Then complete: 

Thursday: Discuss telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes (5 past, 10 past, 20 to, 25 to etc). Mild: try the activity 'Half time Scores' on Education CityMedium/Spicy: Have a go at the task 'Snoozing Time' on Education City. Then complete: 

Friday: Recap telling the time using all what we have practised in the week. Discuss what comes first: 1 o'clock or half past 1? Give other times e.g. What comes first? 3 o'clock or half past 5?. Mild: try the activity 'Ordering Clock times' on Education CityMedium/Spicy: Try the task 'Meg and Spoon' on Education City. Then complete: 


Monday:All children: Phonics focus. Read the sound and practice reading the words. Children can practice spelling the word on a piece of paper and drawing a picture to represent some of the words. Children should then read through the short piece of text and spot all of the words that contain one of the ‘er’ sounds. 

Tuesday:   Medium/Spicy:Children should complete‘Grandly Georgraphic’ activity on Education City.Discuss the term ‘non-fiction’ with your child and support them to explain their answers as they complete the activity. Mild: Children should complete the‘Damp tent’ activity on Education City to practice their reading of CVCC words (encourage your child so read each sound and blend the word together to read). 

Wednesday: Common exception word practice. Mild:Children should practice the Year 1 common exception words by playing the game ‘Ready or not’ on Education city.  Medium/spicy: Children should practice the Year 2 common exception words by practising the game ‘Stigs Spelling Wall’ on education city. 

Thursday:All children: Children should continue to practice spotting the different ‘er’ sounds from Monday’s lesson (ir, er, ur, ear). They should go on a hunt around the house and make a note of all of the words they spot (e.g. in magazines, newspapers, on the computer, in books etc). 

Friday:All children: Read a book of their choice (either a book sent home from school, a book they have at home, or one of the free ebooks on parents will need to create a login but this is completely free).  Mild: They should then retell the story to a member of the family. Medium/Spicy: They should then write a short summary of the story in as few sentences as possible. 


Monday:   Mild: Ask an adult to read you the story. Draw a story map to retell the story of Lila and the Secret of Rain. Can you come up with actions to tell the story as a family? Medium and Spicy: Read the story to yourself, a sibling, a pet or an adult. Draw a storyboard to retell the story Lila and the Secret of Rain.  Below is what a storyboard looks like!


Tuesday: Have a go at making a comic strip to retell the story. Use a piece of paper and fold it into 3 pieces (to give you 6 sections). In each section draw a part of the story and write a simple sentence to retell the story. Remember to use adjectives to make it interesting! 

Wednesday: Mild: Let’s change the story map you have already drawn to make your own story! Can you change the setting? Perhaps it could take place in a snowy place and Lila is wishing for the sun to melt all of the snow! Medium and Spicy: Let’s create a storyboard to tell your own wishing tale. Change the characters and settings.

Remember!! A wishing tale has a…

  • Opening: main character wants something badly
  • Build up: main character tries to get it
  • Problem: main character has a problem
  • Resolution: main character overcomes the difficulty
  • Ending: main character gets what they want​​​​​​

ThursdayMild: Draw your wishing tale, write a sentence under each picture to describe what is happening.Medium and Spicy: Write your own wishing tale! Don’t forget your wonder writing and adjectives to describe!

Friday: Mild: Act out the wishing tale you have created.Medium and Spicy: Illustrate your wishing tale creating your own story book. Read your story to someone in your family.