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WB 20.04.2020

We hope you have all had a good Easter Holiday and are keeping safe!

Below you will find some activities to complete this week. The task sheets are attached at the bottom of the page (remember no need to print, just copy and do on a piece of paper). You can choose from mild, medium or spicy challenges.

Education City activities have been assigned to support your learning so have a go at them as well!!


The weekly tasks are attached at the bottom of the page. Open the attachment and choose your challenge for the day. (no need to print just work on a piece of paper)

Monday: Complete the Number bonds to 10/number fact task (choose your challenge). Then, complete Hustle and Bustle (number bonds to 10), Secret Sums (number bonds to 20,) and Mirage Madness (number pairs to 100) on education city.

Tuesday: Complete the counting to 10 task then complete the education city tasks. Mild: Tens Encounter. Medium and Spicy: In Tens Counting.

Wednesday: Complete the adding using the number line task then try the On the Number Line task on education city.

Thursday:  Complete the subtracting using the number line task then, try Sweet Subtraction on education city.

Friday: Complete the derive facts task then, try Number Arcade on education city.


(Remember no need to print, just write your answers on a sheet on paper)!

Monday: Medium and Spicy: Read Four Little Blossoms and answer questions. Mild: Read The Lost Kitten and answer questions.

Tuesday: Medium and Spicy: Read All about Butterflies and answer questions.  Mild: Read Ted’s Birthday and answer the questions.

 Wednesday: Medium and Spicy: Read poem, The Animal Show, and answer questions. Mild: Read Ben’s Frog and answer the questions.

Thursday: Medium and Spicy: Read Pythons and answer questions. Mild: Read Jack’s Beetle and answer questions.

Friday: Medium and Spicy: Read your own reading book. Make a tally of how many adjectives, nouns and verbs you find while you are reading!  Mild: Read The Turtle and the Beetle and answer  the questions.


Listen to some of David Williams’ stories and enjoy.


There is a writing pack attached at the bottom of the page. Have a go at a part each day! Below or some further instructions to help you complete your writing. 

Monday: Read the first part of Pandora’s Box independently or with someone. Stop at the sentence – With shaking hands, Pandora slid the key into the lock and turned it.

1) What do you think the box looked like? Draw it.

2) What do you think could be in the box? Draw or write your ideas.

Continue reading the story from – She took a deep breath.

3) Draw the evil that came out of the box.

4) Now share the story with someone.

5) Draw a story map for the story.

6) Did you like the story? Why?

Tuesday: Read the paragraph about Zeus.

  1. Sketch Zeus and label the features listed, example, curly hair.(A stick drawing would be fine)
  2. Read the story again. Answer the questions about the story using complete sentences.(Don’t forget to use the story to help you answer the questions)

Wednesday: Apollo was the Greek god of knowledge. He found these words in the story and wants to know if you can sort them out.

  1. First put the words into alphabetical order.(Group them according to the order the letters appear in the alphabet. Example- There are no ‘a’ words and no ‘b’ words, so go to ‘c’.)

Condition, curiosity


  1. Match each word to its meaning in the story.(the first one has been done for you)
  2. Take each word and put it into a new sentence. Use the given original sentences with the underlined words.

(Don’t forget to start with a capital letter and finish with a full stop.)

Friday: Read the examples in the booklet, then write down your own examples. Don’t forget the apostrophes!

Spelling Activities - Mild and Medium

  • Choose one activity per day and choose four words daily, from the year 1(Mild) or year 2 (Medium) common exception word list. (Year 2 pupils should know all the year 1 and year 2 common exception words)
  • Tick the words and the activity once you have completed it and be sure to give each activity a try.

Home Learning Spelling Activities –   Spicy

  • Choose one activity per day and choose four words from the year 2 spellings list.
  • Tick the activity once you have completed it and be sure to give each activity a try!
  • Year 2 Spelling List