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WB 11.05.2020

Hello! It was lovely to see some of your work this week and see all the wonderful things you are doing at home. Keep up the great work trying the activities below and on education city. Don’t forget about the topic work at the bottom of the page. We would love to see what you have created. :)

As you know we will be moving onto Google Classroom in the next coming weeks. Have a go at logging in. Your work from this week is posted in there as well. 


This week we will follow along to lessons by the Oak Academy reading the Firework Maker's Daughter text. Click the link below each day and follow along with the lesson.

Monday: Making inferences 

Tuesday: Making inferences

Wednesday: To identify key features of a character description

Thursday: to identify and use expanded noun phrases

Friday: To write a description about the white elephant


This week we would like you to have a go at choosing a book you have at home to complete some activities with. If you don't have many to choose from, we have attached some links to online books. Here are some tips on choosing a book!

  • Choose a book that you can read preferably on your own
  • It should be a book that you understand while reading

  • It could be one of your favourite books that you have read before

Oxford Owl

Below are some activities to choose from. Read your book each day and then choose an activity to complete. (if reading a chapter book, read some each day and complete the activity on what you have read)


This week, we will practise our skills with number, addition and subtraction. Your task for each day is attached at the bottom of the page. Follow the instructions and there is no need to print the work. Remember you can use objects around the house to help you!

Monday: Comparing numbers.

Tuesday: Odd and even numbers

Wednesday: Doubling and halving

Thursday: Adding 2-digit numbers

Friday: Subtraction 


  • Have a go at the spelling activities attached at the bottom.
  • Tackle a project from the topic web

  • Do some yoga

  • Go on a scavenger hunt