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Our Federation

We are two schools who are growing and learning together, just like our community in the heart of Cambridge.

At our roots are a set of values that are important to us.  We set off on an adventure together and encourage children, staff and our community to always keep learning.

This tree represents where we start, where we want to go and how we can get there.  Like the branches, we always reach for the stars.


Our Vision and Values

At the Trumpington Federation, we believe that learning should be a lifelong adventure. 

We aim to inspire and encourage all members of our community to grow and learn together.

Through determination, communication and collaboration, we encourage each other to reach for the stars, no matter who we are or where we come from.  

Our schools, governors, children, parents and staff have agreed and share a set of common values and rights for all which underpin our dynamic curriculum, and which encourage creativity, problem solving and a love of learning.