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Whilst we are at home, please check our class page which is to the right as well as the Home learning tab which has some ideas for you.               

Don't forget to activate your Tapestry account where you can look at your child's current observations, which are still being added. You can also add your own and let us know what you have been up to. You may have drawn or painted a lovely picture, build an awesome creation or helped around the house with chores, cooking etc. Take a picture and upload it to your account. 

In the Home Learning 2020 tab there is some useful info on creating an observation on Tapestry. 

Finally on YouTube there is a lovely short story clip to help with explaining staying indoors/ not seeing friends or grandparents to little ones.                         

Search for: 'Time to Come in,Bear: A Children's Story About Social Distancing. '

Here are some useful websites for you to visit: Cambridgeshire County Council's Education Department have brought together some super resources for you. Visit the website and choose Early Years. You will find some great website links and daily challenges. This website has some fantastic early years activities for you to try. This is a website that your children will already be familiar with This will help your child with their phonics The NT have pulled together some great craft, baking and garden activities for you to explore. This is a good website for all sorts of games and activities.

Many of the Zoos and aquariums have great websites with virtual tours of various animal enclosures. Maybe visit the butterfly house at Chester Zoo and then draw or paint some butterflies! 

January 2020 - Please remember to send in spare clothes, ideally two sets.

If you have any clothes to donate we are always grateful . Socks and leggings or jogging bottoms are especially useful.

Please remember to label hats and gloves now that the weather has turned very chilly!                          Don't forget to check our class page for photos and updates.

Welcome back to our old friends and lots of new friends!                                                                                           We have been getting to know each other through play and having fun on the way. 

Please check our class page to see what we have been doing in Nursery and up to date information. Click on St Catherine's Class - Miss Cerval-Peña.                                                                                                        

Please can we remind parents that all children need spare clothes at school to be able to change into when and if needed. This could be from accidents but also general playing like painting and messy/water play.

 As the weather has turned can we please remind you to label hats and gloves.                                           It is also a good idea to keep a jumper or cardigan at school to put on as and when needed.                As we run an open door policy it can sometimes get a little chilly. 

In Nursery we learn through play and playful activities (for example, going on a listening walk, looking for shapes in the outdoor environment and making constructions). We have guided learning sessions with our teachers throughout the day in small groups. We gather together to sing songs, play games and listen to stories. Each half term our learning begins with a topic as a starting point to engage and inspire the children. Within this is the opportunity for the children’s own interests to develop and direct the course that the topic will take.

In Nursery we follow the EYFS curriculum which is based around the following seven areas of learning:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Physical Development
  • Communication and Language
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design

We also plan activities and resource our environment to encourage children to develop their own ‘Characteristics of Effective Learning’. Beginning to develop these skills, such as perseverance, taking a risk, thinking critically and making links, will equip them as learners throughout school and beyond.

Things to bring to Nursery:

  • A full change of spare clothes - Please ensure each item is named and available at Nursery every day (these can be left in a bag on your child’s peg)
  • A pair of welly boots (again please label these with your child’s name and leave at Nursery )
  • A warm, waterproof coat
  • A sunhat (during the spring/summer months)
  • A bag/book bag for your child’s drawings/paintings etc and letters
  • If your child is still in nappies please provide spare nappies, nappy bags and wipes.

Provided by Nursery:

  • Snack – a  piece of fruit or vegetable (carrots, tomatoes, bananas, apples, pears, tangerines and raisins)
  • Milk and water (water provided  in a named water bottle)

Important Information:

  • Morning sessions only: 8:45 - 11:45am